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Memorial Day 2023

Remember those who fought for your freedom today. Heck, remember them every !!! We take for granted our freedom and often think it’s our right. Many have died for what you have now. Just take a look overseas at Ukraine and how easy their freedom was taken away from them. All it takes is one

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Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

What makes you most anxious? I’d have to say it’s money or the lack of money that makes me anxious. Taxes on top of taxes brings anxiety to millions of people every day. I was taught in school that people came to America to get away from high taxes. The British 🤴 Kings were not

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AI & ChatGPT

To start I’ll like to say that I don’t know much about AI. Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest let’s do this blog. Good thing for me I don’t need to know absolutely anything about this. Chat GPT is tacking on the whole world virtually everywhere. It’s better than milk and cookies

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Single Most Important Software

I ask my clients what’s the most important software on their computers. Some say it’s their email, of course, it’s not actually on the computer but browser-based. Others tell me they need accounting software the most. They are all software or browser access software we need to do business. However, what about the device’s protection?

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