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Why do you need Security?

It’s a common question I ask my clients. However, the answer is usually ” I have antivirus I’m good”. In most cases, it’s a free antivirus from their Internet service provider (ISP). Others will tell me the IPS told them that they have security through the router because it has a firewall. This is a half-truth, yes most routers/ modems have a firewall. Although, they offer little protection from an attack.

What’s real security like? In most cases, it’s starting with you the weak link. It’s not your fault, nobody is educating you about computer/ network security. In 90% of the cases I see could have been prevented. The end-user is the most common problem in a network. All you need is a little training from a security expert.

Some IT consulting companies charge for this service. However, I offer my clients free advice regularly. If you read my blogs you are on the way to an education in cybersecurity. Below is a few tips to keep you secure online.

1. Be careful with emails from people you don’t know.

2. Don’t click on links within an email from people you don’t know.

3. Be careful with emails from people you know.

4. Stay away from shady websites. Porn, gambling, and some game websites.

5. Check the Url before you go to a website.

6. Never call Microsoft because they told you to call them because your computer has been hacked.

You’re probably thinking Dave there is no way for me to know who is who online. That’s the point of this exercise. Even a trained cybersecurity expert can fall for these scams. AI has made it impossible to truly understand security online.

However, with the right layers of protection, you can be safe online. Knowing your enemy is the best way to defend yourself from an attack. The bad actors are using AI Chat GPT to help them craft emails now. So, no more bad English or misspelled words to give them away. Be cautious ⚠️ of the email from your bank telling you to log in and confirm your account information.

It’s a jungle out there online. You wouldn’t visit the Amazon jungle without a guide, would you? However, we visit the online version on a regular basis. Is your credit card saved so easily checked out? Probably like most people you like convenience.

Understanding how the Internet works is a good start to security. Most people will tell me they don’t use the internet very often thus they are safe. You don’t even have to go online to be a victim. That’s because the banks, credit cards etc are already online. In fact, if you didn’t make an online account it’s easier for the bad actors to make one in your name. All they need is a little information about you. I recommend making those online accounts and using a very secure password. Save your password on paper, not your computer or phone.

Did you know if the bad actors have access to your email they pretty much own you? Check your email address to see if it’s been hacked below.


Has your, email provider been hacked? Congratulations if it’s still safe. However, even Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail aren’t safe from these guys. So if they can’t protect your email, that should tell you volumes about the World Wide Web (www.)

I recommend talking with a security professional. Putting layers of protection in place. It’s no expensive to secure your online font print. However, the alternative can cost you everything. If you own a business you are most likely to be targeted. Don’t trust your business with what the ISP says is security. You get what you pay for. Security is surprisingly more affordable than you might think. Some things you can implement are free. Others have a yearly subscription that costs .17 cents a day.

Call me to discuss what you can do to secure your online presence.

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