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The Raven

In downtown Port Huron, there’s a coffee shop.its full of historic books and great brews. You can see the st. Clair River from the upstairs balcony. It’s usually full of college students from the neiboring community College. I remember spending many afternoons their while I attended SC4 as it’s called. Surrounded by book shelves and

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Beware of 🐌 Mail Scams

Interesting, the other day I received what looked like a renewal for my website domain. Unfortunately, for the scammer I do my homework. Checked out the phone number and website online via Google. Reports had already been made but I thought it would be prudent to also report them. I went to the BBB website

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Save your Computer!

I see a lot of business and residential clients because of the weather. What does the weather have to do with your computer? It’s springtime here in Michigan and most people are probably thinking about getting outside. That’s nice but the rainy season is about to hit us here, which means lightning and thunder. Also,

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