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Why do you need Security?

It’s a common question I ask my clients. However, the answer is usually ” I have antivirus I’m good”. In most cases, it’s a free antivirus from their Internet service provider (ISP). Others will tell me the IPS told them that they have security through the router because it has a firewall. This is a

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Thunderstorms & Computers.

Nature doesn’t always cooperate, and thus, we have power outages. This can lead to big problems with computers and other technology equipment that are sensitive to power surges. Protect your data from thunderstorms with backs and an unerupted power supply (UPS). This will ensure that your devices last for many storms. However, not all (UPS)

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Professors I admire!

Who was your most influential teacher? Why? I didn’t go to college right after I graduated. Instead, I went right into the automotive industry. It made sense because I live in the motor city. My first job was working as a car porter for a dealership. It was fun to drive new and used cars

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