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Are your Kids Programmed?

Do your kids play video games? Mine do and I’m seeing a pattern here. When my kids were younger I limited the time they spent on video games. Once they turned 16 they got a phone. That’s when the trouble began.

My daughter would and probably still does spend countless hours on her phone playing games. I noticed my daughter was having a hard time getting up in the morning for school. These little hand-held devices have a hold on our youth like no other generation.

It was easier to control their exposure to social media and immoral videos and games before they got their first phone. I felt like I lost control of the direction I wanted my kids to follow. In a sense we program or teach our children good and bad. The movies they watch and their access to the internet has taken over your duty.

I’m not a strict parent when it comes to friends from school. However, we should make sure they are safe when visiting friends. Talking to their friend’s parents and asking questions can tell you a lot about them. Bad habits can carry over to your kids. Be careful who you allow your children to associate with.

I want my children to associate with other children that also have the same values. However, the older they get the harder it becomes to control whom they associate. The best we can do is teach them about habits when they are young and hope it sticks.

So, in a sense, we are programming our children with good habits and choices. I recommend waiting to give your child a phone until they are mature enough to know right and wrong. The right and wrong is taught by you and not the internet.

I went a step further by filtering my internet for my children. I blocked access to certain things to protect my children. It’s a full-time job 24/7/365 parenting. No one’s perfect at this job we just do the best we can. Depending on the effort we put into our children will determine how they turn out. So if you don’t want the world programming your children you need to be involved in every aspect of their lives. They might feel a little hovered over because you are always involved but isn’t that a better memory to leave them with?

In short, if you are interested in knowing more about internet filtering services feel free to contact me.