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What do you think of when someone says they are an entrepreneur? Well, I can answer that for you. However, my answer is probably different than yours. The first time I heard the expression, I was a little confused. I thought entrepreneurs went around setting up businesses and would want something in return. A little

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My Disgust with Avast

I can tell you how many desktops and laptops I’ve had to remove Avast one. In my opinion, it’s useless as a screen door in a submarine. It’s caused my clients heartache and pain. It doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. It’s almost impossible to uninstall. The internet is flooded with this free antivirus.

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The Raven

In downtown Port Huron, there’s a coffee shop.its full of historic books and great brews. You can see the st. Clair River from the upstairs balcony. It’s usually full of college students from the neiboring community College. I remember spending many afternoons their while I attended SC4 as it’s called. Surrounded by book shelves and

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Instagram scams

Beware of losing access to your Instagram account. Bad actor are always scheming of ways to make money from their victims. The latest is not new but a variation of the scams they used in the past. NEVER CLICK on a link your not sure where it came from. Scammers know that their pray is

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Beware of 🐌 Mail Scams

Interesting, the other day I received what looked like a renewal for my website domain. Unfortunately, for the scammer I do my homework. Checked out the phone number and website online via Google. Reports had already been made but I thought it would be prudent to also report them. I went to the BBB website

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