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Memorial Day 2023

Remember those who fought for your freedom today. Heck, remember them every !!! We take for granted our freedom and often think it’s our right. Many have died for what you have now. Just take a look overseas at Ukraine and how easy their freedom was taken away from them. All it takes is one

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Single Most Important Software

I ask my clients what’s the most important software on their computers. Some say it’s their email, of course, it’s not actually on the computer but browser-based. Others tell me they need accounting software the most. They are all software or browser access software we need to do business. However, what about the device’s protection?

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So many people contact us with a locked Apple device. Either they set up the pin iCloud or firmware lock. That great if you wrote it down or used password software keeper. However, over half of you will not remember this password when you need it most. This can be a different password or pin

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Don’t Pay them!

I just received a scam call from DTE energy. The call will say that if you don’t pay your bill in the next 30 minutes your electricity will be turned off. It’s a recorded message and tells you to stay on the line for a repressive to take your payment. HANG UP RIGHT NOW! Call

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What do you think of when someone says they are an entrepreneur? Well, I can answer that for you. However, my answer is probably different than yours. The first time I heard the expression, I was a little confused. I thought entrepreneurs went around setting up businesses and would want something in return. A little

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