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IPhone scam Alert

Apple will release the new iPhone 15 in stores on September 22, but scammers have devised already cunning schemes to separate unsuspecting victims from their hard-earned money. The iPhone 15 scam has 11 variations, including testers, preorders, upgrades, iCloud lock, sweepstakes, and great deals. Let’s start with the most prevalent of all Apple scams. Read

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If you’re anything like me, you hate spam. My email box is full of advertising campaigns from haircare products to mortgage companies. It seems like I’m a target for marketing because I’m alive. It doesn’t stop with just emails, I also receive snail mail and robo calls. Why do we receive so many marketing campaigns?

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Thunderstorms & Computers.

Nature doesn’t always cooperate, and thus, we have power outages. This can lead to big problems with computers and other technology equipment that are sensitive to power surges. Protect your data from thunderstorms with backs and an unerupted power supply (UPS). This will ensure that your devices last for many storms. However, not all (UPS)

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Father’s Day 2023

If you are a father this day for you! Why do we need a day for fathers to be recognized? Shouldn’t our children give us gifts and take us out to dinner every day? Unfortunately, that’s not the way it is. However, when I became a daddy, it was the happiest day of my life.

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Memorial Day 2023

Remember those who fought for your freedom today. Heck, remember them every !!! We take for granted our freedom and often think it’s our right. Many have died for what you have now. Just take a look overseas at Ukraine and how easy their freedom was taken away from them. All it takes is one

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