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Is your computer feeling a little blue?

Usually, this blue screen means it’s time to replace your computer. However, it can also mean that your computer is infected with malware. Recently I have been seeing a lot of these blue screens that are caused by malware.

Some are so infected that a new fresh installation of the operating system is necessary. I try to save the files and data if possible. Removing the hard drive is the best way to retrieve the data from the system. If I can save your data on a USB flash drive your one of the lucky ones.

Now that I have the computer open and the hard drive (HD) is removed it’s a good time to do a little maintenance. Clean the case and fans are a must. Replacing the system onboard battery for the BOIS is a good idea.

Upgrades are easier and cheaper for you while I have the case open. Replacing the HD with a newer faster SSD HD can give your computer new life. Memory upgrades can increase performance and productivity.

Every sense the chip shortage the price of computers has skyrocketed. So saving that gently used computer can save you big bucks. My prices are very reasonable and if you opt to upgrade while the case is already open I apply a discount to my services.

The “BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH” Doesn’t have to mean throwing it in the garage. Besides you never want to do that. Your data is still inside that old computer. The HD should be removed and properly disposed of. Did you know that your printer also has an HD inside it? It has everything you have printed on that HD. It also needs to be disposed of properly.

If your computer is over five years old it might be cheaper to replace it. Chances are it will continue to give you problems. Technology moves fast and before you know it your older computer will be out of date and will not upgrade to the latest Windows OS. I take older computers for recycling ♻️ . I have a service that properly recycles them to use in third-world countries. Plus parts can be reused for repairs. Example: power switches.

Staples takes printers on trade-in when you buy a new product. It might be only $25 but that’s better than the garage can. Besides it’s money off your new printer. I only wish they’d take several at a time.

It’s time to replace your computer and need help. With my partnerships with all the top vendors, I have access to deals you don’t. I can get you a better computer for your money. I can match a computer with your needs and take the worries out of technology. I can also customize the setup to make your experience better.

Software and Hardware. Do go to Best Buy just because that’s what you always do. I can get you better deals than most big box stores. I have access to Software and Hardware at discounted prices and pass that discount on to you. Microsoft Office 365, Antivirus, and security appliances are just a few examples. Surprisingly I save my clients an average of 20%. My services and prices are listed on my website

If you weren’t feeling well you’d go see your doctor right? I like to think of myself as a doctor of technology. I can diagnose your computer symptoms and make a good plan to remediate them. I have over 12 years of experience working with computers and technology. So you overpay at the brick-and-mortar stores. Give me a call today.

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