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I’m Sick of this Virus!

Are you ready for the winter? Did you turn your heat on in your home? Have you put the winter blankets on your bed? I have done all these things to prepare for the winter cold. However, I still got sick, covid-23 to be exact.

Perhaps, I didn’t do enough to keep myself safe. What else could I have done? Maybe wear my mask? I can’t help but compare experience to a computer. I have made preparations for my computer to be safe from viruses also. I gave it a nice warm blanket of Antivirus. I turned up the heat by deleting any software/Apps that I don’t use. I masked my IP address with a VPN. However, it’s just not enough to keep the viruses out.

Now that I’m sick I want to get better, I hate being sick, it’s slowing me down. I lost 5 days already and need to get back to work. I can’t help but think that maybe I should have gotten a covid shot. I hate needles and I’m torn between them and if they even work. Do you get a covid shot? Did it help you avoid the virus this season? Let me know in the comments.

My computer is sick and very slow now also. I have lost all my pictures and documents because the virus has infected everything. I had all my clients and their contact information on my computer. Now I’m worried that my business will not survive. I can’t even do payroll and now my employees are worried. I’m worried they will leave and work for my competitors.

I’m going to call my doctor today. I got a Zoom appointment with him this morning. I hope he can help me get better. Maybe I’ll call my IT guy for help with my computer later this afternoon when I’m feeling better.

My doctor has prescribed me a prescription to help me recover faster. I’m already feeling the effects and getting back to myself. I’m sure glad I have health insurance. The medication wasn’t that expensive.

Oh, I almost forgot I need to call my IT guy. I hope he’s not busy. Ring…ring.. ring… hello Dave I have a problem. He’s a great guy. I said he’ll drop everything and be right over.

He reminded me of the conversation we had the last time he was here. He said that he had installed a new backup software that could help recover my information. Even though the information was infected he could give it a shot.

I was so thankful that I had him install the backup software. Now me and my computer are feeling much better. My employees are also very happy because I made the payroll. I owe my business to my IT guy. However, he only asked me to tell more people about my experience. I didn’t know that my IT guy had my best interests in mind. I thought he was just trying to upsell me some software to pad the bill. Boy was I wrong! I’m so glad he talked me into the free trial. I have no problem paying for whatever he recommends now. I know he has my back.

I feel the same about my doctor. He recommended the covid shot but I opted not to get one. He only has my best interests in mind. I introduced my IT guy to him and told him my story. I hope he listens to his advice.

The backup solution my IT guy recommended saved my life! The medication my doctor recommended did the same. I am glad I listened to their advice. I have put a firewall in place for my business and gotten a shot. Now my IT guy checks up on me regularly to make sure everything is running smoothly. Pretty much the way my doctor calls me in for checkups. I’m happy to report that my computer and I are doing better than ever. We are getting more done than ever before. I have hired 3 new employees and purchased several new computers from my IT guy. My business is booming! How’s your business doing? Maybe you need to talk to my IT guy. I’ll give you his contact information in case you change your mind. Call him you won’t regret it.

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