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Single Most Important Software

I ask my clients what’s the most important software on their computers. Some say it’s their email, of course, it’s not actually on the computer but browser-based. Others tell me they need accounting software the most.

They are all software or browser access software we need to do business. However, what about the device’s protection? Would you be able to use your accounting software if it’s compromised? Could you trust your email service if it was hacked?

Whenever I do a cleanup and optimization on a device I want to protect it afterward. I require an antivirus to be installed or updated if already on the device.

Not all antivirus or internet security software is the same. Throughout the years I have seen many different types of Antivirus come and go. However, ESET endpoint Advanced antivirus business has been there from beginning to end.

I have never had to worry about a client’s computer with Eset protection. I am a partner of ESet and a few other Antivirus options. I like to combine ESET with Webroot internet protection. The browser extension that Webroot offers helps my clients and myself avoid bad actor websites.

I require a 30-day free trial of ESET Endpoint Advanced on every computer I do a cleanup and optimization on. Why? Well, it’s simple because I want the device to stay in like-new condition after my 25-point cleanup. ESET is very effective at doing this.

I am not loyal to ESET because I’m a partner with them. It’s because they do what they say it’s will. The day they fail me I will change to another provider. If I find a better product that gives better protection for my clients I will switch. My clients deserve the best products for the lowest cost.

I want my clients to be Happy with my work and see a real difference between before and after the cleanup and optimization. Hard thing to do if your antivirus fails to keep the device clean. I compare it to cleaning up your car. Spending 4 hours cleaning everything inside and out. Just to forget to wax it and put it in the garage. Sure it’s not going to stay there and never go out again but at least you have a layer or two of wax to help keep it looking good.

Nothing is 💯 % but at least you are using the best. Just like your car, your computer needs maintenance. If you take care of your computer it will last years to come. Maintenance is the #1 issue that my clients will need to do if they want to save money in the long run. What costs more a computer cleanup and optimization or a new computer? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Customers usually call me only when things go wrong. Is that the way you treat your car? Or do you do regular oil changes, tires, and wiper blades? The same can be said of computers. A $99.99 computer and optimization are like an oil change. Don’t wait for that blue screen of death (BSOD) before you call me. Many issues are due to infections/malware because they overwork your device until it dies.

So if you take anything away from what I’m saying please get a good antivirus. Although, It might not help much unless you have it cleaned up before installation. Once the device is infected it’s very difficult to remove it completely. Believe me, it takes skill to dig out all that crap. Sure there are other ways to make the computer like new again but that can be difficult for the average user. Either way, the single most important software to install is your antivirus afterward.

Eset Endpoint Security
Eset Endpoint Security

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