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FBI Best Tool is Free!

We have all seen the movies with the FBI using a seemly sophisticated tool. Black boxes pop up all over the screens. Is that the way they do it? Or is there another way they don’t want you to know about?

Let’s say I am wanted by the FBI. I might be on an FBI watch list. So I want to disappear forever. What would I need to do?

First thing I need to do is ditch my phone. Second, use only cash for everything. Liquidate all my assets for cash. Third, never talk to any of my friends or relatives again. If this is not strictly followed you risk everything.

Now that I have cash and no phone, friends, or relatives what do I do next? Change your appearance, shave your bread, dye your hair. Stay away from places you usually like to go. If you’re a bar guy no more. The FBI or private investigator will do a profile on you and all these things will be included.

You need to blend in with your environment. Hidden put in a cabin in the Colorado mountains isn’t going to provide you the necessary camouflage you think. You’ll need supplies and when you go to town you’ll stick out like a purple graffiti. So where do you go?

Pick out a medium size town where it’s easier to blend in. Somewhere where they don’t use technology like traffic cameras and so forth. Do your research but not on your devices.

Congratulations you are invisible until you screw it up! Believe me, you’ll screw it up. A year maybe 5 years later you’ll get another phone or maybe run out of money and get a job give them your SSN.

Most of us will never make it past the first step. Why because we are addicted to our phones. So what’s the FBI’s secret weapon? You are of course! You and I are average citizens who will probably never need to go on the run. If we did it’s doubtful we’d last a few days.

I know that I would go crazy without my phone or technology. I’d probably post something on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere and the FBI would be instantly on my doorstep. That’s the FBI’S most useful weapon to find you and I

So in short social media is the most powerful tool in the FBI’S toolbox. They don’t need to waste money on expensive investigation software. We practically give ourselves up with the tools built into social media. GPS , tower pings, and Geolocation in our posts gives them all the information they need.