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Don’t Pay them!


I just received a scam call from DTE energy. The call will say that if you don’t pay your bill in the next 30 minutes your electricity will be turned off. It’s a recorded message and tells you to stay on the line for a repressive to take your payment.

HANG UP RIGHT NOW! Call DTE directly or check your bill online.

However, I enjoy these calls because it’s a chance for me to learn more details about the scam. Unfortunately for the scammer he/she is now the victim. The longer I can keep the scammer on the phone with me the fewer victims they get to call. I’ll play the part of an older person with memory issues. I’ll see how long I can keep them on the phone while I fumble with my checkbook. Ask where I can send the money.

I’ll tell them my cell phone connection drops and I need their phone number to call them back if it drops. Sometimes this works but most of the time they are using disconnected phone numbers and are calling with a computer.

One way to get them upset is to ask them ” how much money do you owe me again?” Just send me a check in the mail.

It’s my goal to make it difficult if not impossible for these parasites to make money here in the USA. For some reason, they believe we are easy pray. Most likely because the elderly that’s fallen victim to the scams they deploy here. So, let’s not prove them right. Get informed and never give anyone your personal information on the phone.

This excludes people/places you call directly for services or purchases. You are safer to always question the caller legitimately and look up the number and call them back.

In short guard your privacy and never hand it out to an unsolicited phone call, email, or even snail 🐌 mail. If you’re not 100% sure they are who they say they are don’t do it!


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