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Forbes magazine

To start I’ll like to say that I don’t know much about AI.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest let’s do this blog. Good thing for me I don’t need to know absolutely anything about this.

Chat GPT is tacking on the whole world virtually everywhere. It’s better than milk and cookies 🍪. That’s why I decided I better touch on this subject. A new race has been born. AI thinks it is just as much alive as you and I. Is that scare you? Well, it should because AI has already determined that the human race will destroy itself within 700 years. Will AI make us obsolete and end us earlier?

Seriously, it’s time we got a new tool to be excited about. I tested it out a few days ago to see if the responses were helpful. I was pleased with the results. It wasn’t like talking to suri or Google search. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket. It’s better than when the Blackberry hit the market back in early 1999.

I got the feeling I was talking to a real person on the chat of course. I was impressed by the answers I received about subjects that generally pertain to IT security. I could see myself using this chatbot to reference data for blogs as well.

The fact is, it could probably write this blog better than I. It’s in its experimental phase right now but will only get better. That’s the plan we want to believe anyway.

AI is here and here to stay. The jury is divided because it’s a little scary for some to talk to a machine. However, as the years pass I believe more people will trust it. Will that be our downfall?

The military has AI in its fighter jets now. It has proven to beat the best of the best every time. The pilots interview after an embarrassing defeat said ” I’m just glad it’s on our side because it’s ruthless in the sky ” The AI would play chicken in the sky and take risks most pilots would never take. AI pilots were programmed to be aggressive and take a 51% success rate. That combination in the sky is very deadly. AI has no self-preservation in place and will do whatever it takes to win. AI isn’t worried about dying, why should it? It’s a machine that can be restored by uploading into a new jet plane.

AI in space makes sense! Let’s send them into outer space to explore the universe. Perhaps they can prepare a planet for us in the future. AI would be the perfect vehicle to start a settlement on Mars or another planet we deem worthy. Although, we risk first contact with Aliens being through a representation of us in a robot’s body. Hopefully, the aliens will have a sense of humor and forgive us for not meeting them in person.

To recap, AI is taking over everywhere. We see it in fighter jets and tanks. The military will no doubt run with this technology and use it to its fullest advantage. AI is integrated into the technology we use and will keep growing unless to decide to stop it. Who’s to say AI hasn’t already repudiated itself on servers all over the world? Hopefully, the scientists and programmers put safety features to stop that from happening. We are entering a new age of inventions and discovery. We don’t know for certain if AI will help us or be the end of us.