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Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

What makes you most anxious?

I’d have to say it’s money or the lack of money that makes me anxious. Taxes on top of taxes brings anxiety to millions of people every day.

I was taught in school that people came to America to get away from high taxes. The British 🤴 Kings were not the best rulers of government at the time. They were greedy little thieves demanding up to 50% of your income.

Now that we are in America 🇺🇸 isn’t ot great that we don’t have a greedy king ruling over us? Aren’t you glad we don’t have to give our cows, sheep, and Asses to the government?

Wait a minute, I thought the British Kings stayed in Britain 🇬🇧? Why are we still paying high taxes? 🤔 Did we forget why we left Britain? Did we really ever leave? We still speak the language. OMG, are we English?

Maybe we are over acting? Maybe we need to step back and take a good look at the two governments? Are we alike? What makes us different from the British? Do you eat fish and chips and drink tea?

I don’t think we ever really got away from the British rule. I think it followed us here in the boats. Our government is just a copy of what we wanted to get away from. Sure, we are free to do what we want to an extent. We have rules to follow, or else we’ll end up in jail.

The US government realized if they were going to be a world power, they had to tax its citizens. We needed roads and schools. Furthermore, we needed weapons to defend our new nation. The muskets we brought over with us weren’t going to do.

We welcomed every nation that didn’t care too much for the country they lived to move over here. Why? Because they had money to spend and thus could be taxed. Uncle Sam wants you! & your money 💰! Bring everything you can so we can tax it all!

If you take a look at the tax rate for each of the 50 states, guess which state has the highest taxes? Connecticut is in the top 3, only to be out taxed by New Jersey and California.

I thought Connecticut would be one of the lowest taxes because it’s full of historical facts. Ships landed in CT ports in hopes of a better life. Are we better than the British? I think we mirror them in many ways. London yard or FBI pretty much the same. King or Queen, it’s just a position like our president. Although, I believe our president has less power than a Queen or King.

Parliament or Congress? Well, that’s a wash! Guy Fawkes would agree with me. If you don’t know who Guy Fawkes is, then you’ll need to read or watch  “V for Vendetta.”

I understand why we need taxes, but I don’t understand where all this money goes. We are talking trillions of dollars every year. (The U.S. government has collected $1.73 trillion in fiscal year 2023.) Will someone please tell me why a roll of toilet paper costs the government $200? I should be selling paper to the US government, and I’d be rich. Although they just ask for 50% of what I made back again in April.

In a nut shell 🐚 I’m anxious about money that I don’t have. The money I make and they take. The money I’m going to make and the higher taxes I’m going to pay. Take a car for example. That parts are taxed and the people who made them. Than the parts are assembled into a car 🚗 and taxed again. The people that did the assembly are taxed. The guy who buys the car is taxed for the purchase. The car is taxed to drive on the roads (Aka plates) an even off the roads (ORV). The car is sold again and taxed for the sales again. The process goes on and on again until it’s in the junk yard as scrap and ends up in a new car again. 🚗. Will this ever end?

My guess is no because without taxes, this great country would end up back in the hands of a greedy King or dictator. We need soldiers and military power to keep the greedy at bay. If you pay taxes this April 15 and we both know we will, remember what it’s really for…..freedom of the King and dictatorship.