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Save your Computer!

I see a lot of business and residential clients because of the weather. What does the weather have to do with your computer? It’s springtime here in Michigan and most people are probably thinking about getting outside. That’s nice but the rainy season is about to hit us here, which means lightning and thunder. Also, high winds can knock out power.

So what do you need to do if there’s a storm? First, unplug your laptop or computer. Your laptop has a block in between in power and your laptop port. This sometimes saves your laptop from harm but you’ll still need to buy a new power adapter if you get a power surge.

Many people think that their appliances are safe from a power surge. “I’ve got a surge protector on my stuff”. Well, that’s great a $2.99 power strip is protecting a $2,000+ computer system. Don’t be fooled into thinking your safe. The proverb ” you get what you pay for” is clear.

What if you have a very expensive power surge strip? If it has a reset button that’s great! It’s protected from a “SURGE”, but what if it’s not a surge? Low voltage ⚡️ known as a “brownout” is even more harmful to your devices.

Okay, by now your saying “what can I do besides climbing under my desk and unplugging everything?” Well, I got the answer, there’s a great device called a UPS. It’s called an Uninterruptible Power Supple because it does just that. Power goes out, no problem the battery takes over and you can shut things off without losses. Brownout- no problem it can make up for the voltage drop and keep you going.

Think of it this way, many of us have batteries backing up the sub-pumps to keep basements dry. If it was to fail, things could get messy. Same for your computer, it might turn back on but you’ll get the “blue screen of death.” Or even more terrible the “black screen of no return”.

I usually charge anywhere between $199-$299 to restore Windows. Sometimes there’s no saving it and all your data is toast. I recommend you buy a UPS today to save tomorrow. Makes sense right? I can help you find the right device.

UPS come in many shapes and sizes. The price is determined by your needs. How much voltage do you need to keep you going? Each device needs an amount of that voltage the UPS cam supply. So maybe a 300 voltage is good for you but a 600 voltage is better for the office.

The cost is also determined by brands and voltage. I usually get mine from my partners and vendors. I have better prices because I buy in bulk. I recommend letting an expert help you unless you are comfortable with figuring out voltage. I’m always available to help out. Of course, it’s my job to help you with technology. I keep up with the latest news and products available on the market. I know what’s good and what to avoid. So don’t be shy give me a call or email me. My website also has a contact form you can use.

Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate your input about topics you’ll like me to cover. Best regards, Dave

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