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Aren’t all Antivirus a like?

In short no! Absolutely not!

Why is this the case? The age old proverb hold true, “you get what you pay for”. So what do you get with free Antivirus protection? Think of it this way if you had to hire a body guard to protect your family how much would you be willing to pay them? They are guarding your family and children’s life literally.

There are many ways the bad guys/gals want to hurt you and your family. So way risk your online presence to free antivirus? Is saving a few bucks worth the risk? I can’t stress enough the importance of a good antivirus.

Some free antivirus is actually malware in disguise. The black hats (aka bad guys) take the code from the antivirus and write a malicious script into it. Afterwards they put it back out on the market and advertise it just like the original. It’s a very effective way to get inside your computer. No telling what’s its going to do while it’s there. Maybe key-log everything you write? Record your passwords, email, medical information, the list goes on.

How do you know if your antivirus is good enough? I ask my clients this question, “hows your computer been for the last year vs before good antivirus”. The answer is always no problems or issues anymore. It’s running much cooler and faster.

Who will you trust, an expert in Computer Science or the internet? Will you roll the dice and hope that your free antivirus isn’t really malware?

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