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Instagram scams

How can you tell if an Instagram account is real or just a scam.

Okay, it’s not always easy to spot an account that’s fack. The reason for that is because it’s not always fact. Sometime it’s one of the accounts already on your contact list. How you ask is this possible? Well scammers are very crafty at what they do.

My aunt contacted me on Instagram and informed me she made a lot on money in cyrpto investments. She was very convincing and sounded sincere. However, my aunt never talks to me online. As most older adults are unfamiliar with online activities. We’d rather call them and make an appointment.

So that was an easy one to detect. However, what if it’s a neighbor that just bought a new corvette? You might say he’s gotta be legit right? Think again scammers look for accounts like these to either hack or Clone.

Use my technique to fine out if it’s legit account or fake.

1. Ask questions the account holder would only know.

2. Probe the account, was it just opened? Are there pictures? Who is on the follower or contacts list?

3. Trap them with conversation. Set a trap for the scammer with fash information. Example ask them about something that didn’t happen or etc.

4. Contact the real person another way if you can.

5. Once your sure it’s a fake account report the account and block 🚫 them.

Remember they use these accounts to make money 💰. So now that they are reported they’ll need to start all over again. This cost them time and money 💰.

Lastly, don’t confront them because this tips them off. Waist as much of their time as possible. Give them false hope that your interested. All the time they spend on you is saving someone else that might not recognize its a scam.