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Father’s Day 2023

The Borgne’s

If you are a father this day for you!

Why do we need a day for fathers to be recognized? Shouldn’t our children give us gifts and take us out to dinner every day? Unfortunately, that’s not the way it is.

However, when I became a daddy, it was the happiest day of my life. I was so excited to have a little version of my wife. My daughter was our first, and my wife was as excited as I was. Oh, what joy a little ones laughs bring into a family.

As they grow, we grow with them. We discovered many new senses that we didn’t realize we had. I can now see through walls and know what my kids are doing or not doing. Helping them with homework that’s well over our heads. Taking them to soccor practice at school. Countless recites. Teacher conferences and field trip we agreed to chaperone.

It seems unfair that we only get one day a year, and our children recognize us. Don’t they know we were the ones who had to change those disgusting dirty diapers? I’ve worked with nothing that smelled more toxic than my kids’ diapers.

What about those nights we didn’t get any sleep because our children were crying for seemingly no reason? I know they needed something, but they couldn’t tell me in any other language. It’s would have been nice if they picked up speech while in the inside their mother woom. Would that be nice!

However, it might pose a problem for you if the child is very chatty. In my opinion, I think children should respect their parents. It’s a lost art among today’s youths. We do everything in our power to show them love and a good home. Why shouldn’t they respect us for our accomplishments.

I was unfortunately widowed of my wife of 15 years. She gave me the best parting gift a husband could have, my son. He has been a wonderful son, friend, and helper. Although she didn’t get to spend more time with her newborn son, I know she’d be proud of him today.

Both my children are grown-ups now. As I reflect on the past, I know I did the best job I could to raise them. Both my kids are honor students, and they have been awarded scholarships. That’s a weight off my shoulders. My daughter’s in college now and doing her best to become a professional in the future. My sons right behind her with only one year to go. Although he’s high school, he’s also doing college and a special TEC program. I proud of both of them and what they have accomplished.

The days after my wife’s death were difficult, to say the least. However, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Rising two infant children by myself was easy, but I made it this far on my own. I now know what moms go through when they are single parents. I understand how exhausting it can be to do everything by yourself.

I’m often asked, ” What kept me going?” I have to say love is the glue that held me together. My love for my children and my late wife. I didn’t want to disappoint my late wife and my children.

I had others tell me they that if it happened to them, they wouldn’t be able to live. How could someone think that way? They are your children. “A cowardly way out is now an option” would be my reply to them. I never thought I’d be a single father. I never wanted to be in that club. I don’t think anyone wants to be in my club.

It’s all a distance memory of another life I used to live. My love for Lynn didn’t die with her. It’s alive inside me and my children. I see her in my children. I feel her guidance like a brisk summer breeze. I hear her voice when I try to make decisions that affect the children. I might not have made it this far without her in my head. Sure, it’s sad they had to grow up motherless. However, they had me every step of the way. I sacrificed everything for my children. I lived for them and made it easier for them because I was always there for them.

I don’t deserve a metal for doing what was needed. I just want my children to have respect for me. I hope they never know the pain I felt. I hope they never join my club. I hope they have children of their own and live long, happy life’s.

Dave Borgne