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In today’s digital world there’s no need for books. They take up space on shelves and gather dust. Then there’s the paper issue and the chemicals used to make them. Ink has its place but not in books.

I propose that we use digital media to store all the books ever wrote. In this system we can search for keywords and authors. Knowledge would be available anywhere at anytime.

I remember the days using an automobile repair book to help me with my car. The pages would be stained with oil and grease. Every time I purchased an car/ Truck I would need to buy another repair book. Old school but it worked for the time period.

Millions now have smart cell phone that can access millions of online books. Although they are called online books it’s actually just data. Stored on a server. In this matter of storage, it’s accessible world wide and probably on the space station. Why is this leap in technology important?

In the past only a select few had access to books. Now the playing field is leveled and anyone can self educate with a click of a mouse or tap of a finger. If only we can encourage our youth to stop clicking social media sites and read more digital books. Imagine how fast our youth would grow intellectualy.

Therefore, we must keep advancing knowledge with digital books. We must continue to convert physical books into a digital library. The recorded human mind can guide the future. We can not afford to lose any and all present knowledge. It can be built on just as a programmer uses scripts to run tasks.

In closing, if it’s in writing and someone has already done it, record it. Use it to build on in the future and make it searchable. Example: I need to know how to get more people to read my blogs? Solution: read about how to get more people to read my blogs, by people that have mastered this. Simply put, read to learn!