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Memory Upgrade

If your constantly complaining that your workstation, Desktop, or laptop is slow, this blogs for you.

Let me start by pointing out that an memory upgrade will not fix all issues. The processor gives the biggest gain in speed with an upgrade.

However, for the biggest bang for your buck, increase your memory speed and volume. Make sure you check the manufacturers specifications before buying new random access memory (RAM).

Decide on the speed and amount RAM, or let your budget decide for you. Make sure you turn off the computer and unplug from power source. If you upgrading a laptop remove the battery if possible.

Workstations and desktops this is a good time to replace the motherboard battery. It’s usually a watch battery 2032 or similar. Reference your motherboard specifications manual.

Be sure you purchased the correct RAM before you install. Be careful when removing the old RAM not to damage the locking mechanism. Clean inside the computer with compressed air can. Wipe fans with Q-tips with rubbing alcohol.

Firmly press the memory into the slots. When only installing two of four RAM slots make sure your using the correct two slots. Manufacturers manual with show which two are used. Alway use the same make and model to avoid issues. Example: Samsung DDR4 2300 8GB with not be recommended to be paired with Dell DDR4 3200 4GB.

If something goes wrong don’t worry it’s not the end of your computer. Just return the old memory to its slots and your golden. If everything goes well you should see the new RAM in the POST when Windows starts, other OS will vary.

Congratulations! You just upgraded your RAM. You should notice an immediate speed increase. Especially if you doubled your memory’s GZ speed. Remember, if your computers maximum RAM is surpassed, it will not give you anymore performance.

If you’d rather not deal with technology upgrades feel free to contact us for help.

Dave Borgne