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Professors I admire!

Who was your most influential teacher? Why?

I didn’t go to college right after I graduated. Instead, I went right into the automotive industry. It made sense because I live in the motor city. My first job was working as a car porter for a dealership. It was fun to drive new and used cars every day.

I worked my way up the latter to the lube rack. There, I did oil changes and small repairs. Although my job included looking for anything we could sell to the customers. I’d see that the brakes needed to be done, for instance. I did very well on the lube rack but wanted more.

I was taking automotive classes at my local community college. My high school automotive teacher was also my college professor at night. I’d see him 6 hours a day on my college nights. Mr. C is a good teacher, and I learned a lot about cars, trucks, and even big rigs. However, I didn’t realize at the time, but most of my automotive classes at the college were none credit. That’s means they would not transfer to a degree.

I left the automotive industry for the tool & die industry because the money was just not enough at the dealership. I got a job with my dad at this shop. The money was better, but the atmosphere was terrible. It was very hot in the summer and very dirty. I was about 18 years old when I transitioned to the tool trades. I wasn’t used to men and how they would tease and play mind games and overall just be idiots. Sure, I made a few friends, but because my father was a boss, not too many. This was a mistake I was I could erase from my past.

However, I dug in and made the best of it. I wanted to prove myself and do the best job I could. However, I learned very fast they brass didn’t care what I knew or didn’t know. They just wanted minions to do the work, keep their mouth shut, and stay late. I wasn’t very good at any of these things. I was very social and wanted people to like me. Another mistake I want to erase. Never talk about religion or politics at work!

I ended up working in the tool & die industry for almost 18 years. Way, I don’t know! I guess it was the money. I had a wife and family by now to support. However, that was able to change.

Unfortunately, my wife had lupus and would get very sick from time to time. Then, one day, my life was turned upside down! I was left with two small children and no wife to help me raise them. I was robbed of everything I worked so hard from in my youth. I figured we would watch your children grow and see them off to college and mate’s of their own. Didn’t happen!

I was faced with a decision. Keep working in tool & die or find a better trade that gives me more time with my kids. That’s where things got interesting. I went again to my local college, but this time in a different country. They gave me a test to see what I might be good at for a career. A Detective came up as number one. Computer Science came up as number two.

I found out that this Community College had a very good computer science degree program. I enrolled and got my associates degree in Computer Science a few years later. Here is where I met two of my favorite teachers. Professor William Pilky and Rob Richardson. I can not choose between the two because they both help me very much.

Here I am almost 10 years later, still doing computer repair services. However, this year we moved over to a Managed Services provider ( MSP). So, if your network needs an IT guy, I’m available for all your business needs.