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Infected Computers

Can you help me with my desktop computer? It’s very slow and crashing when I try to access the internet.

Why do computers get infected? That’s like asking why to we catch colds 🥶 . It’s a very good analytical comparison, although, computers are not biological yet. AI is here and one day computers might fix themselves. However, until then we are here to help. The number one problem I see is the user is not educated in 1/0. That’s mean they can’t talk computer language. It’s hard to explain but after you’ve been helping people with infected computers for 10 years. You begin to understand the symptoms. You know what tools will help. Just as a mother knows when her kids are not feeling well. Call it instinct or whatever you want but anybody that dose their job well, knows what’s I’m talking about.

Not all computers are infected.

Sometimes they are just slow because of the user. Cars sometimes need a turn-up so dose our computers. Patches and updates can keep it going for the long run. Remove old apps or programs we don’t use. Defrag that hard drive and get rid of old data we don’t need. Dump the cache memory and clean out the browser.

Cookies are yummy! Although, too many can give your computer a processor attack. Heat is also the enemy of your central processor unit. Physically clean inside and out. Dust can clog up the fan and vents. See if your specifacations allow for more memory. Doubling the RAM can have a great effect on the speed. Cloning that ATX hard drive to a faster SSD will boot in half the time or less.

Auto enthusiasts have been upgrading their cars for years. Did you know that you can do the same to your pc? You don’t have to go all out Gaming PC but a few upgrades can improve productivity. That usually translates to more money in your pocket. DaveTheNerdGuy LLC wants to help you be more profitable.

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