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Buy new or Fix my Computer?

I’m asked this question at least a few times a month. Well, it depends on what computer you want to fix. If it’s 5 years old and still running XP I’d say buy new. Unfortunately, not every decision is that easy. With the introduction of Windows 11, the new specifications to upgrade have left many computer owners no choic If you think you’ll benefit by sticking it out to the end of Windows 10 you might be in luck. Microsoft will continue to support at least one Windows 10 release until October 14, 2025.

The shortage of Microprocessors processors by the leading companies like Intel and AMD have driven up the cost of computers and everything else that requires a chip. So you probably should start taking care of that older laptop or desktop because it’s price just went up. My clients are shocked by the pice I have to quote for a new workstation. That’s if we can even get one delivered. I have one client that been waiting on a server two months and probably not going to see it first another two months or longer. The uncertainty of War in the UK with Russia has many wondering if the shortage will recover anytime soon.

Consequently, keep your old laptop or desktop going by doing regular maintenance. Just as your automobile needs maintenance so does your computer. You’ll get many more hours of surfing the web or shooting 🔫 up those aliens 👽 invading Earth 🌎 For more information on how to save money by saving that older pc give vist my website. I’ll list it below a long with my phone number and email. Relax we got this all you need to do is call us. We take the technology hassle off your table.

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