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ChannelPro Conference Chicago

I recently attended a Cybersecurity Conference in Chicago. (May 9-10th 2023). This is something I do on a regular basis to keep me up to data in the IT community.

During my two day learning experience, I met a lot of great people. The first day was a peer to peer discussions about Managed Services Providers (MSP) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP). These are proactive services that protect your business from attacks and bad actors. This is the future of cybersecurity and preventing attacks on your IT infrastructure.

This isn’t a new concept in fact, maybe your business offers such a plan tailored for your business. The Dental and Healthcare industry has been doing this for years. They have you on a regular schedule for routine maintenance. Teeth cleaning is one example of a prevention method. Perhaps you remember the regular visits to your Doctors office for vaccines is another.

To get ahead to the Hacker and bad actors who want to do harm to your computers and devices, you need to be proactive. I’m told that back in the 1950s, many people didn’t lock their doors. Now we lock our doors and windows and have alarm systems installed. Times have changed, and people have changed.

The technology industry has made record advancements. AI is going to change the way everything is done. A long with this will be an increase in attacks using AI driven scams, hacks, and malware. It will be harder to defend from such attacks. Many businesses will be held hostage to the bad actors’ demands. Much of these attacks are coming from Russia and China currently to finance the war efforts.

President Biden has recognized the need for a cybersecurity Stragity plan. Security isn’t convenient, just like the locks on your doors. Many businesses don’t believe they need security on the network. It’s a cost they feel they can do without. However, how long could they last if their office computers data were locked? Ramasomware is a real threat to any size business. The bad guys don’t care where they get the next pay-day from.

Sophisticated software is for sale on the dark web right now for anyone to purchase to hack your computers. The dark web is a community for the bad guys. It’s not difficult to reach and it’s full of tools for the bad actors. It’s part of my job as a security professional to know about these things. A good detective knows his enemies well.

So,if you’re a business who thinks cybersecurity is only for the bigger business, guess again. It’s no longer “if” your business is going to be hacked, but “when” your business is going to be hacked.

New government laws are in the works to require all businesses to have a secure network. Before IT professionals like myself have a waiting list to secure your, it’s beneficial to be proactive. The price for cybersecurity is going up with the new requirements from the government agencies. HIPAA is a fine example of what will be coming to every business that’s buys and sells services and products.

A cyber war is already going on, and you’ll be a part of it soon. There’s no escaping this without the proper support. Anti-virus isn’t going to protect you from ramsomware. You’ll need much more to combat in this war. If you’re connected to the internet, you’re a target. It’s always on even when your computer is off.

Consequently, you can contact a professional in your area for a free quote. It’s the first step to a secure future.

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