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Thunderstorms & Computers.

Lighting & Thunder

Nature doesn’t always cooperate, and thus, we have power outages. This can lead to big problems with computers and other technology equipment that are sensitive to power surges.

Protect your data from thunderstorms with backs and an unerupted power supply (UPS). This will ensure that your devices last for many storms.

However, not all (UPS) battery backups are equal. Picking out the right voltage and power capabilities is critical. A power strip surge protector isn’t going to protect you from a brown out. Some are only good for one-time surge. I wouldn’t want my data protected only for one surge. I’m pretty sure dozens or more surges happen during storm.

I can’t tell you how many times I receive calls after a thunderstorm to fix a down network. This could be avoided with a few right placed UPS devices. This isn’t a difficult thing to do or even expensive. It’s much cheaper than calling me to fix a down network later.

I recommend putting a UPS on all your electronics that can not be unplugged during bad weather. Usually, this would include workstations, desktops, routers, and firewalls. It can also include home theater systems, TVs, and projectors. A rule of thumb is, “If you don’t want to lose it, put a UPS on it.”

I been asked, ” Why can’t I just unplug everything?” That’s one way to protect the device. However, are you always able to do that before the power goes out? Are you available 24/7/365 days a year? Probably not, because we have things to do, places to go, and people to see.

I never have to worry about my devices when I’m not in the office or house. I have UPS devices on all my sensitive devices. Although, I took it one step further and had a whole house generator installed with a surge protector. This ensures that all my devices and clients’ devices that I’m working on are protected.

To get the most out of your devices, follow a few rules.

1. Unplug any devices that you can during a power outage. (Some devices could lose configurations)

2. If a breaker snaps, wait until the storm passes and power is restored.

3. Unplug laptops because the power blocks are surge protectors and sometimes incur damage.

4. Turn breakers off where you can’t unplug devices.

5. Install UPS devices so you don’t have to do steps 1-4.

In conclusion, bad things can happen to our devices when we are away. Protecting them with a UPS device is a solid investment. The manufacturers don’t warranty devices that burn out from surges and brown outs.

For more information contact me , I’m willing to help save some computers.

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