Service Price List

“Virtually Everywhere Remotely!”

DaveTheNerdGuy LLC strives to help people with technology and transform business ideas into reality. Moreover, if you need assistance with technology, we can work together to solve any problem “Virtually Everywhere.” For instance, upgrades to your hard drive, memory, or installing a new video card. In addition to computer repair services, we sell all makes and models of peripheral devices including HP, Dell, Lenovo and more. For example, networking your home, office or business.

*Service Onsite $60, Remotely $30.

Why You Need To Hire An IT Consultant!

  • We save you time!
  • We save you money!
  • We know stuff!
  • We drive your profits
  • We can free up your secretary to answer phones.
  • Who else can change the printer toner?
  • We read code no one else understands.
  • You need us to remember your passwords
  • The kid down the street wasn’t much help.
  • We are there when you need us!

Computer Repair Services we offer below

  1. Computer trouble shooting- $60
  2. Printer trouble shooting/issues/configure.-$60
  3. Network connection issues-$60-$120
  4. Servers install and configurations-$120-$299
  5. Firewalls install and configurations-$120-$199
  6. Hardware diagnostics, configure, and installations-$60-$120
  7. Software diagnostics, configuration, and installations-$30-$60
  8. Routers and Port switch configuration and installations-$120-$160
  9. Network Analysis, Network Design, Network Mapping-$60-$299
  10. Windows installation and configuration-$99
  11. Computer sales and devices.-Ask for Quote
  12. MS office. Quickbooks, Freshbooks, POS systems-$99-$199
  13. Backup solutions, Cloud, external drives-$60-$120
  14. Reseller Business class Dell products- Quotes
  15. Reseller Business class HP products- Quotes
  16. Memory upgrades, Hard dive upgrades-$60-$160
  17. Twenty-Five point computer cleanup and optimization-$99-$120
  18. Audio and Video issues, configuration, and installation-Quotes
  19. Security audit checks, configuration, trouble shooting-Free-$299
  20. Server Cleanup and optimization-$120-$199
  21. Power supple trouble shooting and installation- $60-$120
  22. Cabling and network installations-$99-Quote
  23. Workstation Updates and security patching-$60-$120
  24. Managed IT services min 5 workstations-$29-Quote
  25. Reseller Eset endpoint Advanced plus-$60
  26. Reseller Webroot Antivirus.– $60
  27. Reseller Carbonite unlimited cloud backup-$80
  28. Reseller Microsoft products-Quote
  29. Battery replacement and backup solutions-$60
  30. TV installations, media devices configured-Quotes
  31. Data Recovery, data backup solutions-$60-$199
  32. Phone apps and installation solutions-$30-$60
  33. Security Camera installations-Quote
  34. Wi-Fi access points installed and configured-$60-$160
  35. Restaurant POS and software-Quote
  36. Zoom, Cisco WebX meeting software configuration-$30-$60
  37. Email issues, trouble shooting, configuration-$30-$120
  38. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Website email-$30-$60
  39. Website troubleshooting, configuration-Quote
  40. Website Domain, Permissions, security-Quote
  41. Bluetooth, Keyboard, mouse, and another devices-$30-$60
  42. Virtual Machine (VM) ware-Quote
  43. VirtualBox, installations and configurations-$60-Quotes
  44. Linux Kali, Ubuntu distros installations and configurations-$60-$199
  45. VoIP phone systems-Quote
  46. Cybersecurity Services-Quote
  47. Mobile and remote networking solutions-Quote
  48. IT Development-Quote
  49. Help desk support-$99-$199
  50. IT training and team extension service-$99-$160

*Services Calls future than 50 miles subject to additional charges.

Our Partnerships And Vendors

Dell Technologies
      6 Guiding Principles

Six Guiding Principles

1. Channel partners are integral to Dell Technologies overall success in delivering an excellent customer experience.

2. Dell Technologies commits to deliver a simple, predictable and profitable partner program.

3. Sales engagement between Dell Technologies and our Channel partners will include elements of Deal Registration, joint territory/account planning and teaming agreements. These are designed to build trusting, long-term relationships that result in satisfying our mutual customers.

4. Dell Technologies commits that conflict will be managed and resolved with the highest level of prioritization and transparency.

5. Dell Technologies commits to offer comprehensive training and enablement to our Channel partners for all Dell Technologies solution offerings.

6. Dell Technologies commits to strengthening relationships with Distributors to develop and enable a robust Partner Community.

Eset Endpoint Advanced Partner


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