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Do we really know how this all started and where? The whole world is being held hostage by this virus. Its said to have flue like symptoms with a 3.5 mortality rate.

I’ve heard several theories about this virus including the conspiracy theories. I’m not sure what to believe. One thing I’m sure of, I’ve never seen the US government closing schools and governmental buildings for the flue. I’m no expert in medicine or disease control but didn’t we plan for this? We spend trillions of dollars on war but nothing on bio threats? Are we headed into a new era of humanity? These are the questions we can’t answer ourselves we trust our political leaders to protect us from all threats domestic or abroad. Have they learned anything from the Hollywood movies like “Contagious.” While the politicians fight for the White House oval office seat we strive to understand how did this happen on their watch? What can we do to help? We are Americans we can make a difference. Start by washing your hands people. I can’t tell you how many times I see people in the bathroom head out without washing their hands. Disgusting! No excuses! Next I guess we gather in smaller groups and keep our distance. Its said to be spread by water molecules on surface. So my God please clean everything we touch with a disinfectant. If we work with customers stop shacking hands. Don’t be rude just politely say “due to certain circumstances we are thanking our customers with a smile.” People will understand and hopefully spread smiles instead of the virus. Lastly keep your friends and family together. Report any illnesses quickly to each other. They are your best chance for help. Most of us are stubborn when it comes to our health. The “it’s nothing babe” I’ll be over it by morning it’s going to work this time. I’ll do by best to protect my family and hopefully you will do the same. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please visit my website and like my social media sites.

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