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Memorial Day 2023

Remember those who fought for your freedom today. Heck, remember them every !!! We take for granted our freedom and often think it’s our right. Many have died for what you have now. Just take a look overseas at Ukraine and how easy their freedom was taken away from them. All it takes is one

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What do you think of when someone says they are an entrepreneur? Well, I can answer that for you. However, my answer is probably different than yours. The first time I heard the expression, I was a little confused. I thought entrepreneurs went around setting up businesses and would want something in return. A little

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My Disgust with Avast

I can tell you how many desktops and laptops I’ve had to remove Avast one. In my opinion, it’s useless as a screen door in a submarine. It’s caused my clients heartache and pain. It doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. It’s almost impossible to uninstall. The internet is flooded with this free antivirus.

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Memory Upgrade

If your constantly complaining that your workstation, Desktop, or laptop is slow, this blogs for you. Let me start by pointing out that an memory upgrade will not fix all issues. The processor gives the biggest gain in speed with an upgrade. However, for the biggest bang for your buck, increase your memory speed and

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In today’s digital world there’s no need for books. They take up space on shelves and gather dust. Then there’s the paper issue and the chemicals used to make them. Ink has its place but not in books. I propose that we use digital media to store all the books ever wrote. In this system

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In my time we used to have to buy a news paper for the classified ads. I’m aging myself here. Now days everything is digital. The use of free ads has its attributes. However, it’s also attracts scammers because it’s easy and free to make an account. These bad actors use these ads to get

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