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Beware of 🐌 Mail Scams

Interesting, the other day I received what looked like a renewal for my website domain. Unfortunately, for the scammer I do my homework. Checked out the phone number and website online via Google.

Reports had already been made but I thought it would be prudent to also report them. I went to the BBB website and on their scam report page filled in the information. I even uploaded a picture of the letter.

Secondly, I went to the local and Federal government website. They had a similar form to fill out. Make sure you fill in all the details.

Never click, call, or email your information to anyone your not sure of. The post office has a scam report you can also fill out. However, it’s very difficult for them to catch the scammers.

The best practice to follow, guard your information like your life. Follow your gut and most importantly do your homework. 🧑‍💻